Trevor & Hayley Amack

Missionaries to Cambodia


Missionaries to Cambodia

What Every Mother Wants to Hear

With an eye on the mission field, Trev and I have been reminded not to neglect our children and to ensure that we walk them through the inevitable change that comes to a missionary family. After all, our greatest mission is to raise our children in a way that brings glory and honor to God!

With this in mind, Trev and I have been intentional in our conversations with our children to bring them along and to ensure that we understand their fears and expectations. After all, as parents, we have fears and expectations, so why wouldn't our children? 

A few days ago Oliviya and I had the opportunity to spend some quality mother/daughter time together without the rough and tumble chaos that comes with 3 younger boys.  I viewed this as a perfect opportunity to have a heart to heart conversation with her about fears or concerns that come with moving across the world. I asked her if she was nervous, scared, or concerned about anything. As she sat quietly thinking,  I told her that I was nervous about learning the language, that I don't like being hot, and that I am sad to leave family behind. She sat and listened and then continued to think for a while longer. After a few moments of silence she looked up with tears in her eyes.

     "Well, there is one thing I'm nervous about" she began. "I'm not sure how to tell people how to get to heaven. But I've been thinking, maybe once I learn to speak Khmer, I will tell them about some of Jesus' miracles and then give them a Bible and tell them to read it." 

The simplicity of it, just tell people. After I told her some rather silly fears in hopes she wouldn't feel bad and might be able to admit maybe she was feeling the same, she comes back with that.  Oh how my heart sang!

This is what's it's all about. For us to feel so burdened that the temporary things of this world cease to matter and instead, we feel so heavy the weight of lost souls. To be willing to give everything for the sake of the gospel and what God is calling us to do. She challenged and encouraged me so much that day. What was I focusing on?

As I think back on that day, I am grateful that God provided an opportunity to have a real conversation with my 9 year old. An opportunity to see her heart and what she was feeling! I am thankful for the simplicity of the gospel and the impact it has on all ages, even a 9 year old's deepest fear..."how do I share the gospel?" That is what every mother wants to hear...