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Missionaries to Cambodia


Missionaries to Cambodia

Missionaries to Cambodia

Our Ministry

I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light
— John Keith Falconer


The Christian population in Cambodia is less then 1%. It is a country ruled by Buddhism with the majority of the population handcuffed by fear and trepidation as they worship the spirits of their ancestors and try to appease them through incense, gifts, and alms. It is our desire to bring hope and peace in the midst of their fear through the evangelizing work of the Holy Spirit and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is said, if you can reach the Khmer men, you can reach the family. Our desire is to focus on the men of the families; encouraging them to face the realities and challenges of raising a family and answering some of the basic questions of life. We plan to orchestrate this outreach using a variety of different platforms and mentor-ships that are tailored to the Khmer culture and worldview without compromising the truth and authority of God's Holy Word. We want to peer through their window of cultural challenges and disciple these men so they can in turn disciple others.

Church Planting

There is a huge need for evangelical churches in Cambodia, specifically Phenom Penh. But it begins with reaching the lost souls, mentoring and training them to be leaders in the church so they can replicate themselves. Just like a seed replicates itself after it's own kind, it is imperative that the Cambodian culture be woven into the fabric of the worship service so that it can reproduce a viable Khmer church that is culturally relevant. God is diverse and He desires that all men worship Him in spirit and in truth. Truth is absolute and is found in God's Word, but the spirit is diverse and can look and feel differently across cultures. Our desire is to plant churches that are founded upon the Word of God but are fundamentally and wholly Khmer lead and funded.