Trevor & Hayley Amack

Missionaries to Cambodia


Missionaries to Cambodia

Missionaries To Cambodia

ABWE Account Number: 0170211

Partner Through Finances

Monthly Support Raised

96% raised... $217/month gets us to Cambodia!

Outfit & Passage Raised

130% Support Raised!

There are two ways to support our ministry financially:

1.  The first is through a monthly pledge in which you can donate a monthly amount to help support us financially as we live and minister in Cambodia. This support goes directly to helping our family live and function in Cambodia as well as meeting our ministry needs. We have families that pledge $10/month on up to $200/ all helps and is greatly appreciated! This monthly pledge can begin right away or can begin at a predetermined date you choose. Please click on the button above for more information. 

ABWE Account Number: 0170211

2.  The second way is to give a one time donation that goes toward our outfit & passage which is a one time expense. Outfit & Passage expense is the cost of moving our family to Cambodia and includes visa's, shipping crates, customs, and more. Your donation toward this expense is a one time donation and can be done via check or online bank with-drawl or credit card. 

ABWE Account Number: 0170211

The amount in which you choose to donate, either month to month or one time donation, is between you and the Lord! We are grateful for your sacrifice and willingness to further God's kingdom in this way. We are truly humbled and overwhelmed by your generosity and are dedicated to being good stewards with what God has provided!

Partner Through Encouragement

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